Choosing the Right Dog Grooming Dryer For Your Furball

A dog grooming dryer helps your pet to enjoy the benefits of drying off more efficiently. Many dogs simply don't have the luxury of drying off on a paper towel or a soft rag. Some even dislike it and don't want to tolerate it. Others are simply unable to stop themselves from barking or whining when they do get out of the bath. This is all due to poor circulation and your pet simply doesn't get as much enjoyment from a good bath as you do.

grooming dog dryer


There are four main features that you should look for in your grooming dog dryer. The first is airflow. You need a good amount of airflow so that your pet is not uncomfortable. The higher the horsepower on your hairdryer, the better the airflow. The lower the horsepower, the less air can pass through the brush and thus the less likely you dog will like it at all.

Another important feature is the size. Your pet needs to be able to easily get out of the bath. If it's a small dog, you can get the dryer really small. If it's a larger dog, you probably want to go with something that is a little bigger. Most dogs will tolerate anything from a 10 pounds to a 15 pounds dryer.

There are also heating settings available with your dog dryer. There are temperature settings from very low to very high. You can go with a low heat if you're just going to be using the dryer once or twice a week to lightly clean your pup's fur. However, if you're going to use it daily or every other day, you may want to invest in a model with higher temperature settings.

If you own a small dog, you can even get a model that has an onboard heated bowl. The most common is a bowl that sits about six inches off the floor. There are some models that have bowls that are actually mounted on the dog dryer head itself. These are often called "flying one" dryers, since they look like little flying ones. These will get your pup's fur up and warm quickly, but they aren't practical for traveling and you don't want to have to stop frequently to put them on.

There are also two different nozzles to choose from. The first nozzle pops the water into the air with an open end, allowing it to cool as it goes through the air shaft. The second nozzle goes straight to the puppies' skin, keeping the moisture from going everywhere. Nozzles come in both open-ended and closed ends, so it's important to choose the one that will be best for your pup.

Last, you'll need to choose a good collar and harness to attach to the dog dryer. These items are not necessary, but they do give your dog more comfort while drying him and help keep him secure while drying him. Some collars have webbed straps, which allow you to get a firm grip on your pup and prevent air from getting out. Others are just made of nylon or soft nylon, which still provide a good grasp but won't slip. It's important to get a collar that fits your dog well, because if it's too loose, your furball might get wiggled around and get a big scratch.

Finally, you'll need to consider how powerful the dryer is. Dryers with a higher horsepower will dry faster and more thoroughly. They also have more air flow and generate more heat, so they take longer to dry. However, you'll pay more for a high horsepower dryer, so you'll probably want to choose the lowest possible horsepower that will fit your pup and your budget.