Five Steps For A Better Grooming

Are you worried that your dog is going to develop arm injury, because of the way you are grooming its arm? This is one of the most common problems you will have to face, when grooming your pet. The main problem is that, when your dog tries to reach something, it can tear its arm, or even the part of its shoulder, and it can be very painful, especially on its shoulder. It is important to prevent this problem from being experienced by your dog. You should learn how to properly groom your dog's arm, in order to avoid dog arm injuries.

grooming dog arm


The first step you should do, is, to remove the fur from its upper arm. This is a very important step, because you will not only clean the fur, but you will also get a better view of what type of injuries your dog might have. Check if there are any torn muscles, or damaged tendons. If you notice any signs of these injuries, stop the grooming, and get your dog to a vet as soon as possible. A vet will be able to give you the proper treatment.

The second step is, to comb your dog's hair. This should be done carefully, and you should comb your dog's hair from its head, to its tail, and back. The goal is to find out any mats, tangles or knots, that could be causing your dog discomfort while grooming. To prevent your dog from biting while grooming, you should always have a good grip on your grooming tool. You should use both hands, to grasp the tool firmly, so your dog does not have any chance to pull away from you.

The third step is to massage your dog's arm, if need be. This should be done on a regular basis, and you can start by massaging around the area where you think the damage might be, and then move on to the other arm. Continue on until all the arms are Massaged. Keep in mind that if any of the arms are injured, you can stop the massage and apply first aid if needed.

The fourth step is to take a damp cloth, such as an old bath towel, and rub the area where the dog's arm may be hurting, but not too much. Be gentle and do not rub too hard, especially if the dog is in pain. Continue to rub, but only for a few minutes at a time, because this will keep the area moist. When finished, remove the wet towel, and gently dry the area.

The fifth step is to use a good quality hand towel, and soak up the moisture, so the area remains moist. Gently wipe the area, and then repeat this process with the other arm. Continue to rub the dog's arm, but only after the towels have dried out. You can stop lightly rubbing but continue to use the hand towel to absorb the moisture.

The sixth step is to rinse the arm. For best results, you should completely clean and disinfect the area, which should be done by using antibacterial soap and running hot water. You may find that after a short period of use, the arm will become sore, and this can be avoided by carefully washing it down with lukewarm water, again with antibacterial soap. Rinse thoroughly, and then use a cool compress to make sure the dog does not get a painful shock.

Follow these simple steps, which are specifically designed for a dog's arm, and you will see that your dog has fewer issues. As a responsible pet owner, it is important that you keep a watchful eye on your dog to detect any injuries that might develop. Also, it is important that you give your dog regular checkups to detect any conditions that could cause pain or discomfort. Taking the proper precautions will make your dog's life more comfortable.