Grooming Dog Cologne

There are some dog owners out there who love to make their dog smell like a ladybug or a rose. The idea is to keep your pet smelling like the pretty ladybug or your pet's favorite flower. One way of doing this is by using Cologne on your pet. When I was a child I can remember my mother always taking me to the pet store and purchasing some scented dog Cologne for me to spray on my beloved pet. Of course this was during the Halloween season, so my little pet would think it was candy.

grooming dog cologne


While there are some good brands of grooming dog Cologne available these days, I prefer to use organic perfumes for my pets. Organic ingredients are healthier for your pets and they do not irritate their skin like chemical based perfumes do. Another great thing about organic perfumes is that you can choose the scent your pet will like. You don't have to purchase the same brand everyone else is wearing.

You can make grooming dog Cologne sprays to put in their bath tub or just spray them on their dog's shoulders before going to bed. Before spraying any dog Cologne on your animal you need to test it first to make sure it will not upset your beloved pet. You may want to try the product on another part of your pet such as his belly or tail.

Another way to make grooming dog Cologne sprays for your pet more pleasing to their taste is to mix the scent with their shampoo. Organic ingredients will not wilt if they are combined with their shampoo. Once you have combined the perfume and the shampoo you can spray them directly on their fur. You will have to dilute the Cologne to ensure you don't get any foam on your pet's body. If you are worried about any foam, you can add water to the mixture.

There are many different types of scents that can be added to the blend. The most popular perfumes include: Baygon, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dolce and Gabana, Estee Lauder, Jopen, Max Atta and Scents of Romance. Perfumes can be added to Cologne blends by simply purchasing the fragrance, mixing the two together and then spraying the mixture on your animal. You can also add other fragrances such as: Sexy Sweetheart, Goldfish, Lucky Charms, Pheromones, Sweetarts, Paris Hilton perfume, Pure Romance, Sage, Sweet Pea, Teddy Bear and many more. Perfumes will also smell better if you are giving them a bath prior to applying them to their fur.

It is important to buy a Cologne for your dog that is suitable for their sensitive skin. If you are not sure whether your dog will like a particular perfume, you may wish to ask the sales clerk for advice. A dog deodorant can also be used to cover your pet's sensitive skin. Many stores will have a section devoted to pet deodorant that has information regarding which smells are best to use on which areas of the body and which can cause irritation if used on sensitive skin. Most stores will be happy to recommend a brand of dog deodorant that they personally use and find to be good.

One of the problems you may encounter when buying a Cologne for your dog is getting the right deodorant for them. The best way to go about getting the right Cologne for your dog is to read the labels carefully and make sure that whatever you select smells good on your pet. Some colognes can be overpowering and will smell terrible on your pet. If you cannot determine whether or not a Cologne scent will smell good on your dog simply spray it on the entire body and let it dry. After the scent is dried you can try it on another part of your body such as the neck, the face and the paws. If the neck, face and paws work well then it is probably the right Cologne for your dog.

Dog grooming colognes can come in small bottles, which make them very convenient and easy to bring along with you. They are also more cost effective than perfumes because you will only need to purchase a small bottle for your pet. This makes it perfect if you are traveling or going on vacation with your pet because you can simply take the little bottle with you. Just remember that whatever you purchase, if you choose the right brand your pet will love it and you will enjoy using it.