Seth Rogen sparks mixed reaction from fans as he takes dog for a walk in a pram

Movie star Seth Rogen left some fans wishing they lived the luxurious life that his pet pooch Zelda gets to enjoy – while others expressed desire for the comedian's honed physique

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''I'd kill Piers Morgan'': Watch awkward moment Seth Rogen is called out

''I'd kill Piers Morgan'': Watch awkward moment Seth Rogen is called out

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Seth Rogen has turned heads, raised eyebrows and incited envy by taking his pet dog out for a walk in a stroller.

The 39-year-old Canadian actor took his beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, named Zelda, out for a walk on Monday.

But the dog itself didn’t seem to be doing much walking as she sat merrily in a stroller on wheels while devoted owner Seth pushed her around for a coastal walk.

Taking to Instagram as the pair enjoyed their afternoon in the sunshine, Seth posed while wearing a pair of sunglasses as Zelda sat gazing forth from within her carriage.

The comedy actor captioned his pet-and-owner moment: “Strollin with the homies.”

Seth Rogen Seth Rogen took his dog, Zelda, out for a walk while she was sat in a stroller (


Seth Rogen Fans found themselves lusting after Seth – who recently unveiled a grooming makeover (



Followers of Seth approved of the image – with one follower hinting they were jealous of Zelda’s lifestyle, commenting: “I want what that dog has.”

While others remarked at how fresh the clean-shaven Seth looked as he enjoyed his time with his pooch.

One follower questioned in the comments section of Seth’s post: “Who is that and what have you done with Seth?”

And another remarked: “he looks so different without the beard?”

Seth looked clean shaven – much to the delight of fans (


Getty Images)
The star is usually known for having facial hair and a curly mop on his head (


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Indeed, many others were quick to express their lustful thoughts regarding Seth, with one new admirer writing: ”Since when did Seth Rogan become bae” – a comment that provoked another to respond: “girl he's been bae for like 10 years lol where you been.”

Indeed, back in 2011, Seth shed 30lbs in the space of 10 weeks as he battled to get in shape for a role in action movie, Green Hornet.

Discussing his impressive weight-loss at the time, the star said: “It’s not a mystery that if you eat healthy food and exercise you will lose weight. It will work for anyone.

“People know how to lose weight, they just don’t and I embrace that mentality for the most part because I’m lazy.

“But it’s good to know I could do it and I hope to be healthier than I was just to live longer, which is a goal of mine.”

While in another interview he explained there are no miracle cures when it comes to getting in shape.

Seth has been on an impressive fitness journey since 2011 (



He said: “I did not do any experimental injections! It’s just diet and exercise. It works!”

Meanwhile, Seth recently showed off a more well groomed appearance when he clipped off his traditional beard and manscaped his normally bushy hairstyle.

Showing off the results of his grooming on Instagram last month, the star wrote: “New hair, same smoldering look” – with delighted fans rushing to brand him “hot” following his makeover.

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