Tips For Using A Dog Bow Tie For Grooming Your Dog

One of the most important grooming supplies for your dog is a dog bow tie. The purpose is to make it easier to tie on and remove the dog hair accessories from their coat. It is also used to compliment other dog accessories such as collars and leashes. But before you buy these for your pet, it is best to be familiar with how they are made. You will have the basic understanding on how they are crafted and used.

grooming dog bow tie


The first step when learning how to fashion a dog bow tie is to gather the necessary materials. This includes the dog collar, fabric for the bow tie, Velcro tape, elastic bands and an iron. It is important to remember that all these items should be sterilized in order to avoid infections.

The first step is to take off the old collar. After doing so, make sure you keep the old fabric away from your new one because it can cause infection to the skin of your dog. Once the old fabric is already removed, you can start by washing the collar properly. It is important to get rid of any bacteria and dirt that might cause an allergic reaction. Make sure that the temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit otherwise your dog might feel too warm.

After washing the collar, take it off completely. It is now time to sterilize it. It is recommended to use a plastic stick as a blower to air dry the fabric. However, you will need to make sure that you leave enough room to add the elastic bands or the Velcro tape to the collar.

Put some elastic bands to the dog's neck and tie it securely. Now you need to attach the elastic bands to the collar properly. If you don't want to make the elastic bands uncomfortable to the dog, you can choose the plain ones. Just make sure that it fits perfectly on the neck of your dog.

After that, you need to comb the hair of your dog and remove any tangles. Now attach the hair band to the collar. You should also coat the entire collar with a suitable coat of leather or fur-liner. This coating will protect the collar from scratches, especially if your dog plays outside.

The last step is to comb the hair on the back portion of the neck of your dog. This step is very important because the collar will be attached to the back part of the dog. And if there are hair strands that run in the collar, you need to remove them to avoid your dog to slip inside the collar. If you feel that the collar isn't enough, you can use a head band instead. This is an alternative for a dog bow tie.

After that, you can rinse your dog for about a minute. Then you can comb your dog again using a wide-toothed comb. At this point, you should already see some changes in your dog. The grooming dog bow tie will now serve as a decorative accessory for your dog.

The next step is to attach the hair bow. As mentioned above, you can use a simple head band or a hair bow. For the latter, you need a small ribbon. However, the head band is more preferable since it looks more natural on a dog's mane. The ribbon can be wrapped around the back and the legs of your dog while the hair bow is fixed underneath the ribbons.

After the second step, you can give your dog a good brushing. Gently brush your dog's mane until all of the loose hairs are removed. Once you have done this, you can then attach the collar. You can choose whether you want a flat nylon collar or a buckle collar for your dog's convenience.

The third step is fixing the collar. Again, this is where a lot of creativity is needed. However, you can always use clips or ties so that you can keep the collar tight when you are about to give your dog a bath.

The last step is to rinse your pooch. After the bath, you should then let your dog dry himself with a towel. The grooming dog bow tie is really very easy to do. If you think that your dog needs a new look, you should consider giving it one now.